Top 10 Reasons for Moving to Berlin

Thinking about Moving to Berlin?

Okay, so I’m in love. Not with a person, but with a city.

When I landed in Berlin last September, I had no concrete intention of staying longer than a month. The German capital was one stop on a European tour, between Paris and Barcelona. But the city quickly grew on me, and I soon felt at home.

So without further ado, if you’re thinking about moving to Berlin, here are the top 10 reasons (not in any particular order) to pack your bags!

10. You can wear what you want

And this is coming from a girl who calls her blog Louboutins in my Luggage. But sometimes it’s nice to unwind and throw on…whatever. I do love my stilettos, but I’m a big walker. So when I head out, whether to a party or to take some photos, I love knowing I can safely put on comfortable footwear but don’t have to compromise on fashion.

My Berlin uniform – black is always the new black.

9. You can get a job in English

Companies, cafes and schools are constantly on the lookout for English speaking employees. So if you plan to settle here for a while, it won’t be difficult to get a job in Berlin as a native English speaker. I recently started working at a really cool company where the working language is English. And when I was looking for jobs, I saw quite a few positions in all kinds of fields, advertised in English. Whether you’re looking for temporary work or to further your career, you won’t have to get to C1 level German to make some money.

8. You’re in the middle of Europe

This means that you can get to virtually anywhere on the continent in under 3 hours (and that’s pushing it). It’s crazy to think that you can fly to Moscow in just half-an-hour more than it takes you to get to the French Riviera. You can also quite easily hop on a train or bus and visit Poland’s border towns, such as Szczecin (a 2-hour train ride from Berlin).

7. There’s water everywhere

This is still Berlin!

On my first weekend in Berlin, a friend hired a boat for her birthday and we went on a sunset cruise on Stössensee – immediately, it felt as if we were a million miles from the city. Soon, I discovered that every neighbourhood in Berlin has its own lake – or lakes. This is one of the reasons Berlin doesn’t feel like it’s a massive metropolis.

6. High end or low key – you decide

Berlin may be known for its grungy side, but the city is also home to sleek champagne bars, dazzling rooftops and exclusive department stores. Depending on your mood, there will be a cafe, bar or shop for you. After a day of retail therapy, you can sip some bubbly at KaDeWe’s Moët Bar. The next evening, you can go to a jam session with the locals in Kreuzberg.

Kurfürstendamm, West Berlin’s exclusive shopping street

5. Walk through different worlds in one day

This is something I truly love about Berlin. If you need a change of scenery, just hop on the S-Bahn. You’ll go from leafy Charlottenburg to hip and happening Friedrichshain, or from posh Prenzlauer Berg to bohemian Neukölln. Each district in Berlin has its own character, of which it is very proud.

moving to berlin
Pretty buildings in Prenzlauer Berg

4. NYC without the rush

Berlin reminds me of New York City, where I lived right after Australia. There is the same kind of energy, that same sense of people coming from all over for a fresh start. You can be who you want to be in Berlin, a hotspot for artists, entrepreneurs and anyone with big dreams. All the same, people will take their time walking down the street, take their full lunch break, and work-life balance truly is a thing.

3. Culture at your fingertips

As a European capital, Berlin has its fair share of museums and concert halls, as does neighbouring Potsdam. The Berlin Philharmonie is one of the leading philharmonic orchestras in the world – and you can get tickets to suit every budget. But culture isn’t confined to stately buildings and halls. Each Sunday, anyone can join in the karaoke sessions at Mauerpark, or stumble upon a vernissage open to the public.

Part of Potsdamer Platz’s art trail. Pictured here: the sculpture Galileo

2. There’s an extensive public transport network

Berlin is roughly 9 times the size of Paris. As such, you can expect it to take at least 30 minutes to get where you need to go. However, the public transport network does a great job of connecting different parts of the city. You won’t even really need a car – and the S-bahn is often just as quick, without the need to look for parking. Berlin’s public transport network may suffer from frequent delays, but as an added bonus, it runs all night on weekends.

1. The techno scene and lifestyle

Of course, Berlin is the Mecca of techno, and clubbing in general. I had a pretty big party phase in college – but even the most hardcore partiers at my university now seem like schoolchildren compared to Berlin’s resident partiers. At home, the lights flicker on at 3 a.m. and you might have to scramble to find an after party. In Berlin, the party starts well after midnight and runs until the following evening. Some clubs, like the infamous Berghain, are open for 48 hours straight on the weekend. Suffice it to say, if this is your scene, Berlin is your city.

Do you have questions about moving to Berlin? What else do you love about Berlin? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Never really gave a second though to Berlin but your post makes it sound more interesting 🙂 NYC without the rush sounds amazing! If I get the chance I’ll definitely go now!

  2. Yes! Number 10 is everything! I moved to Stockholm a few years ago and the thing I loved most was that women wear converse sneakers out in the bars and clubs. No more painful feet or twisted ankles from walking home in ridiculously high heels after a night of dancing! Berlin is a great city, living there would be amazing 🙂

  3. Your love for Berlin shines through in this post! That aside, this is a really good collection of 10 reasons to love Berlin – whether one is planning a short trip of a few days or looking to move to Europe for a year or two, there is something for everyone.

  4. I love your perspective, my sister lives in Berlin and she would definitely agree with you. When I visit her I always dare my self to wear edgier outfits 😀

  5. I’ve been to Berlin several times and, although I love my hometown of Antwerp, it’s probably one of my favourite cities. You make really good points! It’s not only the German capital, it’s also a fashion, music and art hub/capital. I really get a lot of inspiration just walking around there.

  6. I have to be honest, I’ve visited Berlin once and I didn’t enjoy it so much because I thought the locals were grumpy and mean. Your article however has made me rethink my stance on Berlin and maybe i’ll give it a second chance. Beautiful pics by the way!

  7. Wow! I loved your photos and it really made me want to visit. It was never on my list but now I’m thinking about how it’s the perfect middle spot if you want to travel all over. Xx spottheredhead

  8. Berlin is certainly a cool city, but it is a bit too cold for me, so I think I will prefer to stay in London, where the temperature is mild.

  9. I have never been to Berlin but those 10 reasons are pretty great. Would love to go on a sunset cruise on a sail boat. And would love to be in the middle of europe.

  10. After reading this post I am a bit ashamed I didn’t include Berlin on my European destination list. You describe the diverse people and districts so beautifully I’ll have to check it out for myself! Thanks for sharing your tips 🙂

  11. Berlin in hands down my favourite city in Europe for all the reasons you’ve mentioned – also the food and beer are great, the trains are amazing and cheap and as a WW2 geek there is so much history in the city. Plus I have found the locals to be so friendly!

  12. I love how different the various districts of Berlin are – I think that’s what makes it such an exciting place to visit as there’s so much to do! I’ve visited twice in the last month and I definitely didn’t get chance to do everything I wanted to!

  13. Berlin is somewhere I still need to visit and your lousy shows me it has something for everyone! I love cities like this because there are things to do no matter who you are or what you enjoy – great list!

  14. Fantastic post! I agree that Berlin is the best city in the world. I work helping young people move to Berlin and I’ve posted your great article to our facebook page.

    1. Hi Lana,

      Thank you so much for your comment and repost! I’ll go check out your page and business! I wish I had known about it when I relocated to Berlin as a digital (ish) nomad in September!

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